I use vintage patterns, some of which belonged to my grandmother, with today's fabrics and yarns. I take vintage needlework magazines and work from the patterns in them. The magazines date from 1912 through to the fifties, and I try and use the patterns from them as they would have been originally used. Sometimes I will adapt them and make something else. I prefer to specialize with the thirties and forties patterns and occasionally dip my toe into the fifties.

When I feel the need to bring things up to date, sometimes adapting the original vintage patterns. I also design my own patterns so you can make lovely items too.

Friday, 28 February 2014

Working Bags

Since I posted this I have added to my collection of vintage magazines.  And although I haven't actually got the magazine, I received a transfer in amongst more some magazines.   The magazine in question would have been Fancy Needlework Illustrated Number 122, of the 1920's and 1930's, it is transfer for a beach bag.  I certainly can imagine the lady with her small towel, and her knitted swimming costume heading for the beach.

as soon as I saw the transfer I instantly thought outside the box!

It would make an ideal project bag,

I have also made some more of my 1944 bags too.


  1. Very pretty bags there. I like the style of the beach bag the best.
    Love from Mum

  2. Lovely bags Julie, but I wouldn't want a knitted swimming costume!!! x

  3. Knitted swimming costumes are a family joke here, hubbys mum knitted him some swimming trunks when he was about 11, as soon as he hit the sea they weighed so much he couldn't keep them on lol. They never got worn again!
    Nice bag, very useful.

  4. Sweet shape for the bag, and an ideal size for a project! I rather like the look of the embroidery design for the beach bag but definitely don't hanker after a knitted cossie!

  5. Love the project bag - ideal for in the car, beach etc too when im sitting crocheting!


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