I use vintage patterns, some of which belonged to my grandmother, with today's fabrics and yarns. I take vintage needlework magazines and work from the patterns in them. The magazines date from 1912 through to the fifties, and I try and use the patterns from them as they would have been originally used. Sometimes I will adapt them and make something else. I prefer to specialize with the thirties and forties patterns and occasionally dip my toe into the fifties.

When I feel the need to bring things up to date, sometimes adapting the original vintage patterns. I also design my own patterns so you can make lovely items too.

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Once upon a time..........

.....................a few years ago.  My son's knowing my love of vintage cartoons, bought me one Christmas a complete box set of Walt Disney's Silly Symphony's 

It was this cartoon that inspired me to make this........

an Easter Egg Cart to hold all those yummy yummy chocolate eggs!
Pattern can be found here


  1. aahh thats so sweet ;-) reminds me of the 60's donkey trailer i have but its ceramic. dee xx

  2. That is so cute Julie! I used to love those old cartoons especially Tom and Jerry!!!

  3. Oh wow! that is so sweet and cute

  4. OO! That bunny is super cute and soooo pretty.

    It appears that the pretty cushion is still on the shelf, lol.

  5. Sew adorable, Julie! I love that little bunny!
    Helen x

  6. That is lovely - how odd because I had something in my head to make and I have saved some Lego wheels to help make it....one day.
    Best wishes


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